Offline Formulas

Formulas are saved in OLJ and OLB files.

To create a column formula, click Column in the Formula tab. You can set a column formula to be the default value for the column.

Different formulas have different names. For example, the formula for cell B10 is named FormulaCellB10.

Function FormulaCellB10(nCol, nRow)
    FormulaCellB10 = "Value"
End Function

The global formula function is named Formula.

Formulas return "Value" by default. You can return a different value by setting FormulaName=myvalue.

All formulas are sent nCol and nRow parameters.


You can access other cells with Grid.Cell(nCol, nRow). For example, the cell to the left is:

Grid.Cell(nCol-1, nRow)

You can also access columns by name. For example:

Grid.Cell("Customer", nRow)

gets the Customer value in the same row.

You can click Type in the Formula tab to change formula types (for example: from a cell formula to a column formula). You can also remove a formula. If you convert a formula to None it is calculated once and then converted to text.

When formulas are active FX displays in the status bar.


Functions such as date and time are provided by the VBScript language. For example:
Function FormulaColTimestamp(nCol, nRow)
    FormulaColTimestamp = date & " " & time
End Function
displays date and time.


You can access any number of cells in your (aggregate) function using for-next loops.

For example, the following cell formula (A10) calculates a total from the cells above it:

Function FormulaCellA10(nCol, nRow)
    For nr = 1 To nRow - 1
        On Error Resume Next 'ignore non-numbers
    FormulaCellA10=fTotal 'modify to match the formula name if not A10
End Function

If you wanted an average instead of a total replace FormulaCellA10=fTotal with FormulaCellA10=fTotal/(nRow-1):

You cannot use Grid.Cell to read a cell that is itself a formula. Instead, call the formula function for that cell directly. If you attempt to read a formula cell you will get a Script reentry evaluating cell error.

You can dowload a sample here: formulagrandtotal.olz.


Formulas are calculated as they are displayed on the screen.

If you have a very large Offline document (for example: 100,000 rows) only the formulas that you see on the screen are calculated.

However if you convert a formula to text, the entire column is first calculated. This allows you to disable a formula but keep the value.

All rows are are also calculated if you synch Write to a data file or server. This allows you to update a data column from a formula.

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