Data Link

You can set the connection string, define keys and constraints, and specify the update key in the data link.

SQL Offline - Getting Started 2 (Data Link and Passwords)
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An Offline document uses the data link to connect to a data file or server during a data Write.

You can specify update keys and add constraints (for example: specify a unique column) in the Data Link dialog box. You can also specify to recreate a table or remove rows in the Advanced Data Link dialog box.

WARNING: The data link (including passwords if they are included in the connection string) is saved in the OL file as clear text.


The connection string links the Offline document to a data file or server.


You can click synch Modify in the Data tab to display the Data Link dialog box.

You can set and test the connection string in the Data Link dialog box.


The data link will includes either a table name, or a SELECT query.

If you select Initialize the connection string, the Table and Index lists display names from the data file or server.

To add a PRIMARY KEY enter a key name (for example: PrimaryKey or DEMO_USERS_PK) in the index name box, and and select Primary Key. Click the column name in the Columns list (for example: USER_ID). Click Add to add the column. Click Create Index. The next time you synch Write the primary key is added.

To remove all index definitions press and hold SHIFT and click Delete Index.


When you Write data, an update key is used to match rows.

Update Key

The Automatic update key specifies a Primary Key, a Unique Column, or a Unique Index. You can also a specify a column by name, bookmark, or row number (natural order).

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