Sample: JavaScript and DOM

This sample illustrates how to use HTML and JavaScript to read data using the DOM from Internet Explorer using ActiveX.

Online Sample

You can also run the sample here

Click Browse, then specify an OL or XLS file on your computer. You can also specify one of the following as the File Name: (requires Office)

If you have client drivers installer, you can specify a data file or database server: (requires an ODBC data source) (larger sample that requires SQLite client driver) (requires SQL Server 2012 client driver) (requires Oracle client driver)

Note: After clicking Read Data, if the data connection requires additional input you may need to Alt-Tab to display the window.
A UDL or ODBC datasource that needs additional input (for example, does not specify a default database) may not work.

You can use SQL Offline to create and test UDL files. Use the ODBC Data Source Administrator to create a new data source (Admin menu in the Data tab).

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