SQL Offline Welcome and Download

Interscape SQL Offline is a Windows Desktop App (free-to-use).

Edit your data file or database server offline and sync when you are ready.
SQL Offline supports most popular relational data files and database servers (complete list here).

JAN 06: Version 2.3

New in 2.3: JavaScript and AJAX support. Update your data using the most popular programming language with responsive AJAX client-side retrieval.

DOWNLOAD: SQL Offline Desktop Edition Installer

SQL Offline installer for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Installation readme.

SQL Offline has passed Windows 8 compatibility tests and is now listed in the Windows App Store (desktop app).
This means that you can trust a clean install, good shutdown behavior, and a complete uninstall.


A complete playlist of videos can be found here: SQL Offline Playlist.

SQL Offline Features

You can use SQL Offline to synchronize your offline edits by creating and running SQL script.
You can also update through the same connection that was first used to read data. Features include:

For more feature information, an online copy of the in-product help is available here: http://inters.com/docs.


SQL Offline ENTERPRISE edition and SQL Offline DESKTOP edition are fully compatible. The DESKTOP edition is free-to-use and shares the same features.

An exception is that the ENTERPRISE edition adds Online Package Receipts. A package login is provided with ENTERPRISE edition purchase.
For more information see Enterprise Edition.

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